3 Cardboard Cereal Box Projects

All those Cardboard Cereal Boxes: Where to begin, there are just so many crafty uses for these boxes.

Cereal Box Project 1 – Cut the box in half leaving the bottom portion in one piece so that it can stand with an open top. Wrap with a favorite wrapping paper, hopefully one that coordinates with your crafting room. Decorate with some of your favorite stamped images. My favorite for this is to add a belly band using a 1 ½ inch piece of coordinating cardstock and an added embellishment. This is a great project to use your miscellaneous extra cut outs, compliments, bling and ribbon and a great way to organize cards, card kits and embossing folders.

Cereal Box Project 2 – I love a themed mini album, so this is for the mini album lover. I love to make them to display like a picture at home and I love to make them for gifts (both, filled with favorite memories or set up for a friend to capture their own). Using a template you can trace and cut the shapes you want to create these albums adding a bit more sturdiness to the project. Just make sure to cover both sides of the box cut out. This is a great way to recycle and save some money.

Cereal Box Project 3 – Create a ribbon tray. Cut and remove the side of the cereal box. Be sure to keep both the top and the bottom of the box full and still attached to the box. At this point, I like to reinforce the box by using packing tape to strengthen the sides. Cover with your favorite wrapping paper and you have a nice tray perfect for storing ribbon and shimmer trim or a great catch all tray with easy access for your craft station. For a ribbon tray you can even punch holes in the side of the box and feed your ribbon through for dispensing.

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