Rustic Home Close to my Heart Box Album

Prepping your box: you will want to remove the tape and labels from your box. The tape is usually of the shiny packing variety and will not hold the ink for distressing your box. The labels may cause bumps in your finished design. Wipe your box off with a dry cloth.

After you have finished cleaning and prepping your box you will now want to ink all the edges that will be visible in your final design. This will include the front and side edges, the middle openings on both sides and the top of the box. Using a variety of colors will help create more depth. I used Close to my Heart’s inks in Dessert Sand, Chocolate and Cocoa. Tip and Technique: always ink with your lightest to darkest ink tones. And remember, you can always add more but removing is usually not an option.

I used a brown paper bag from the grocery store to create a covering for my box. I decided to leave a bit of border around the sides. Make sure you lay pieces against your box to ensure that you have inked the box enough to cover any visible areas. I also inked the edges of all my brown pieces as well. I used CTMH Chocolate ink for this.

Brown Bag Cuts:

Front (2 pieces) 6 ½ x 13

Sides (4 pieces) 1 ¾ x 13


Creating the doors:

The papers used in this project were the Rustic Homes Fundamentals (item #Z3262). The papers are made to coordinate so if you wanted to have a little fun with yours and change it up feel free to know it will all match in the end.

For the doors, I used the grey distressed vertical wood pattern pattern. All edges were inked with Chocolate ink after cuts were completed. You will complete this process two times, one for each side to create the double door. You will want to make sure your cuts are completed so that your wood grain stays in the same direction.

Door Cuts:

(2) 2 ¾ x 8

(1) 6 x 2

(2) 2 ¼ x 2


Inside Cuts:




Cut Seaglass cardstock 1 x 7 (you will need 4 of these) and cover top and bottom of fold out sides. Cover middle of box with Chevron wood grain using 7 x 12 inch cuts, 1 from each piece in your paper pack. Repeat this step using 1/2 inch strips centered on top of the Seaglass pieces with the gold foil wood grain vellum paper in your kit.

Cut Seaglass cardstock 1 x 12 inch and cover the middle 12 inches of the top and bottom of the center of the middle box portion. Cut additional 1 inch pieces to complete bottom of box and up sides. Cut off remaining paper and discard. Repeat this step using 1/2 inch strips centered on top of the Seaglass pieces with the gold foil wood grain vellum paper in your kit.

Cover bottom of box using White Polka Dot Kraft paper from your Rustic Home paper pack. Cut at 7 x 12 and overlap to cover bottom of box.


Placing your Flip Flaps: for the center box; I think it is best to lay out your flip flaps so you can judge where you would like them. Line up your flip flaps using the bottom of the flap as your guide along the bottom edge of the box. Peal the flip flap and fold the adhesive strip under the flip flap and apply this portion to your box. To create the waterfall, simply line up your next flip flap and place the adhesive strip above the prior flip flap. Make sure your adhesive strips are applied in a straight line or your waterfall album will not be straight as each flip flap will continue to go crooked because you will use the prior flip flap as your guideline. Complete this process for all three waterfall section in the box.


Side flip flaps; you will need to overlap your adhesive strips to create the staggered side open waterfall album. Simply layout your flip flaps lining your first one up at the bottom and work your way up spacing as desired.


The “seam” of all the flip flaps can be covered with a selected sheet of paper cut to fit.


Additional Cuts: 4 ½ “ wreath cut for doors, I used CTMH New England Ivy and Fern and off set layered the wreaths using foam tape.

Embellish Box Album to your liking with listed compliments and ribbon detailed below. 



Supplies used for this project:

                 CTMH Shipping Box

                Brown Paper Bag

Z3262    Rustic Home Fundamentals       $13.95

Z3231    4 x 6 Flip Flaps (3 sets needed)  $4.95

Z3267    All Together Compliments          $6.95

Z3292    Rustic Home Ribbon                       $9.95

Z4014    White & Gold Twine                       $2.95

X5789    Seaglass Cardstock                          $14.50  

1385       White Daisy Cardstock                  $9.50

1388       Colonial White Cardstock             $1385   

Z3240    Seaglass Glitter Paper                    $5.95

Z2060    Foam Tape                                          $5.95

Z2811    Chocolate Ink                                    $7.95

Z2818  Dessert Sand Ink                              $7.95

Z2814    Cocoa Ink                                            $7.95


*Gold bling from my stash


The above listed items can be purchased from my Close to my Heart website by clicking this link.



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