Being Afraid to Blog

Well, I said it. It is now out there for everyone to know. I am afraid to have my own blog. I love other people’s blogs and I have even given project ideas, pictures and write ups to a few for them to post on their blogs but here I sit with a nervous stomach about making a commitment to do at least one blog post a week. I am confronted with a multitude of self doubt and what if’s. Maybe I won’t have anything to say (I can actually feel those of you who know me laughing right now), what if my content isn’t good enough or writing style isn’t appealing to others, what if, what if, what if!!

All of that being said, my dedication and passion to help others learn about scrapbooking and paper crafting and help them grow in their craft as well as provide emotional support that anyone who wants to do this really can do it, has won out. I have a great group of cheerleaders who never fail to inspire me and I am so very blessed to have a life full of crafty goodness and relationships that make me stronger and never fail to make me want to do better. And with all of that surrounding me, how could I not just jump and know that if I stumble or fall, I have so many ready to catch me. So that in short is where I have found my inspiration and courage to tackle my “Being Afraid to Blog”.

I hope to provide interesting and informative topics as well as product reviews and of course lots of crafty goodness. Please feel free to contact me with any projects you are interested in seeing here on the blog or by video tutorial or any products you may have questions about.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting my journey.



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