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Greetings Everyone! I get a lot of questions about what is the best stamp pad to use. Some would think this might be a quick answer for me and I would just go with my favorite stamp pad of choice on my average crafting day with…. Close to my Heart. However, it really does depend on the project. I have listed here a few tidbits of information on this topic because, Ink Matters!

Close to my Heart features 42 water-based inks available to perfectly coordinate with their color palette. Pictured here is the Adventure color palette. Notice that there are 10 colors in this color palette as well as 10 in each of the other color themed sets (sets include, Whimsy, Enchantment, Adventure and Basics). In addition, Black and the Color of the Year “Bashful” for 2017-2018 are offered.

Water-based inks are perfect for all kinds of paper. It’s permanent and has a consistency similar to water, so the ink dries quickly. Most are not waterproof, which means you can’t color stamped images with paint, pens or other water-based mediums (this included water color paints) as the ink will run together. Water based inks are easy to use and I think the first stop for a beginner stamper but loved by all stamping pros. The water based stamp pads are the large rectangular pads in the picture. A huge value as they can be refilled with re-inkers for years and years of use. The re-inkers are the bottles with the black caps shown. I always suggest purchasing these as a pair.

Pigment Ink is a dry, powdery substance that must be mixed with a liquid like water to leave behind black, white or color. It has a higher tolerance to fading. Pigment particles tend to bond to edges within the chosen medium, a reason why these inks tend to last longer and resist fading over time. Pigment ink is fine balance and is thicker than water-based ink. It has a defining look but can take some getting used to. Practice is the key with this ink. But once you have mastered it, you will be hooked on the distinctive look it gives. Pigment ink also does not absorb like water based ink so stamped images often have a raised textured look to them. Pigment inks will stand the test of time! If you are looking to stamp images you want for years and years to come, they are the way to go. These inks are not available in a re-inker. The ink itself is a delicate balance. The pigment ink is shown here in the smaller square containers. Keeping the size down has allowed Close to my Heart to offer complete color sets of these inks for a much lower price. The Adventure collection shown features all 10 pigment inks for just $19.95.

Archival Black ink lives up to its name. It is a waterproof ink that fade-proof and non-smearing. This ink is acid free and the archival ink will lock your stamped images to your pages. This is a great go to ink for heritage pages and stamping on important long term documents.

Black Momento ink is an archival quality ink. This special blend works for any stamping projects but its claim to fame comes from the special blend ink that can be used with alcohol markers, watercolor paints or any other coloring options you like to use. This ink has brought stamping images and coloring to a whole new level! I find the Tuxedo Black is, for lack of a better word, blacker. I suggest pairing this ink with our new Operations Smile Stamp Set D1751 (pictured) and our new Marker Bundle Z9977 for unlimited fun.

Operation Smile Stamp Set Link

Staz On is stamping in a whole different world. This ink offers a unique blend that makes it very user friendly and versatile. Although the ink is great for all surfaces,  it is known for its ability to stamp on non-porous materials such as plastic, metal, glass and coated paper (like our new foil paper ). This ink is a favorite of mine for stamping on things like flip flaps and memory protectors,  for art projects. Staz on is not recommended for material.

As you can now see, ink matters! Selecting the right ink for your project can determine its over all success as well as your enjoyment in the crafting of it. I agree, with all the different ink types it can be a bit confusing. I hope this overview has helped. I have put in links in case you would like to read a bit more or you just so happened to realize, you may need to change the current ink you are using or add one to your crafting arsenal.

I wish you all crafty goodness!

Hugs,  Tina

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