July – Celebration of Summer Crop Event

July 13, 2019 - 9:30 am to 8:00 pm
Location: Cedars United Methodist Church
Address: 100 Harrison Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19808

Our Creating with YOU Celebration of Summer Crop Event


Do you LOVE all things summer? If so, this is the crop event for you. We will bring in the coolest craftiest heat wave ever! There will be special summer themed projects, summer treats, and summer favorites on the lunch and dinner buffets. This is a relaxed crop so grab your flip flops and let’s have some fun. There may be projects announced as the event gets closer that will require pre-registration for prepping and packaging. Full details will be posted and emails will be sent to all registered guests at there selected emails.

We are delighted to host you for this event and plan to celebrate summer with a high degree of fun!

*Please note this will be the only Creating with YOU All Day Crop Event during the summer of 2019. Please make sure to join us for this fun filled event.*

Time is a precious, precious thing. It cannot be made, bought, duplicated or produced. It is ours and ours alone.

Thank you for choosing to spend your precious time with the CWY family and in doing so making our time all the more special.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.