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Team Dream Catchers

There are so many different reasons why joining my Close to my Heart Team may be one of the best ideas you will ever have. Are you looking for some additional income? Maybe thinking about a career change? Hoping to travel the world with free incentive trips? Thinking of a great way to support that crafting hobby you love? Looking to fill your life with friends who share a unique bond with you? Yes, so many reasons and I could list 10 more!! Whatever the reason might be that has you thinking…. Maybe, I will give this a try. Hold onto that and read about one person who sat right where you are not so very long ago. Yes, it is me! (lol)

My original journey to “taking the plunge” went a little something like this…. After feeling the great disappointment of watching every place I have ever scrapbooked close their doors one after the other, I then had to watch as the hobby I loved so dearly began to all but disappear. Sure, there were a few things here and there that were available but always came with a pretty high price tag and more terms and conditions than my last mortgage. (Must purchase Kit A, provide meal dishes for people to share, only use specific products, take lessons at specific times, and pay $$$ just to walk in the door. Just to name a few) I felt the loss so much I stopped scrapbooking! You read that right…stopped!! Can you imagine?

One day I thought, hey, I should scrapbook. So, I called a couple of friends and started to have a few get togethers at my house. Crafting the day away with friends brought back a real joy and I realized I was constantly looking forward to the next craft day. My sketch book was back out and the doodles were filling the pages.

But as we chatted through our off centered stamps and bling crisis situations, I realized we were all feeling the same way. Locally, our craft had all but vanished. I had been using Close to my Heart for over 10 years and I had on more than one occasion thought about selling. I love to scrapbook and papercraft, I am always thinking “outside the box” and I love showing people new things and sharing the easiest way to make things. But, I hadn’t jumped. Nope, no plunge for me. That is when it happened. I just thought, I want to do this! I want to share this with as many people as I can. There must be more people out there who are feeling that same loss. And through that revelation, Creating with YOU was found. Creating with YOU isn’t just a name. It is a statement about what I want to do. I want to create with everyone and everyone includes YOU.

As time, has passed and I have continued my journey with Close to my Heart I still have that passion and excitement I felt that day I decided to leap. But as I have helped others grow in their craft I too have grown in mine. I have received everything I have given back ten-fold and my life is so richly blessed with new experiences and relationships.

And now after over 15 years of scrapbooking I feel the connection with the craft I love changing. It is becoming, for lack of a better word, more. As I have gotten older and had what we all call “life experiences”, I have a new appreciation for each of those photographs I hold so dear now that the loved ones looking back at me are no longer here. Those precious baby faces I remember holding what seems like yesterday are now walking around college campuses. And that new, young, optimistic couple are now two people who have grown more in love, shared the birth and lives of their children and have gotten each other through the joy and pain that living a full open hearted life brings after spending 25 blessed years together.

See what I have realized is this crazy crafting obsession I proudly embrace has brought incredible joy to life. It has led me to family, friends, hours of crafting time and fellowship with a group of amazingly wonderful individuals who have enhanced my life greatly. But even more than that it has given me a precious opportunity. I am the bridge that will link the past and the future. I am the historian of my life, of my ancestry and I will be the voice shouting to my future generations… this is who are, this is where you came from. Embrace those that came before you. And always remember…. Live Life, Love Greatly, Be Bold!

And with this new-found awakening, I can’t help but to think, this too I must share. I desperately want to help as many people as I can be their own historian of their lives. So, I will hold this Close to my Heart, my open heart and share it with everyone as I continue my journey. I hope you will join me for the ride.